To become the pioneer in the field non-academic & creative learning by being the
leader in, range, quality of coaches and state of the art technology


At Inmovidu, Our vision is to provide an online simulation of the classroom environment with a focus on comprehensive teaching and training on current tech-industry specializations that are constituents of the ‘Industry 4.0’ principle like the “Internet of Things, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence” among others.
We ensure that the students undergo rigorous training in the tenets relating to the domain of their choice and work on projects that simulate real-life situations for them to gain invaluable experience while working from the comforts of their environment.

Inmovidu is the authorized partner for extending Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA), Autodesk certified user and Adobe-certified associates.
We are a professional community of Industry Experts and academia, who have come together to help learners become employable. We use Design Thinking and a learner-centered approach to problem-solving and focusing on application-based learning.

At Inmovidu, you can give back to the community by enrolling as a trainer and gift others the invaluable contribution of education. Over time, we look to foster a community that spans the local and global workspace and proves to be resourceful as well as connective.